Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Dalian Maritime University & Study in dlmu

Guide for Master's Degree Programs

I. Application Qualification

The applicant must be a foreign citizen in good health, aged between 18 and 40, possessing a valid passport and a Bachelor Degree.

Applicant used to have a Chinese nationality should hold a valid foreign passport or other nationality certificate issued at least 4 years ago. Moreover, during the last 4 years (up to 30th April in the year of admission), the length of residence in that country should be more than 2 years.

II. Application Materials

1. Application Form for International Students to Study at Dalian Maritime University

2. Photocopy of the personal information page of passport (photocopy of a valid Chinese visa is required to submit if an applicant is in China upon application)

3. Notarized certificate of bachelor’s degree or Enrollment Certificate of bachelor’s degree study (applicable to this year’s graduates who haven’t received the degree certificate)

4. Notarized all official undergraduate transcripts

5. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors

6. Study Plan, including personal information, education background, work experience, and academic research proposal (no fewer than 2000 Chinese characters in Chinese or no fewer than 2500 words in English)

7. HSK Certificate (5th level or above)

Applicants without an HSK certificate (5th level or above) should attend the Chinese Language level test organized by DMU. Those who get a result equivalent to HSK 5th level or above will be considered. 


1. Application Deadline: each June 30th

2. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

3. Application materials should be sent to the mailing address of International Education College.

4. Students who are studying in China should also provide a study certificate and transcripts issued by the institution.

III. Application Procedures



International Education College


From March to June

Submit required application

materials as well as

application fee to DMU

Review Application Materials

Admission progress might

be adjusted according to

annual different situations.

Around the beginning

of July

Complete Payments

Send electronic admission

notice to  admitted students

via email, notifying  the

students to pay tuition and

accommodation fee

Around the middle

of July

Apply to Chinese Embassy

for X 1 visa(study visa),

after receiving admission

materials issued from DMU

Send admitted students original

copies of Admission Notice

and Visa Application to Study

in China, after confirming that

DMU has received the relevant


At the end of August

Register at DMU with

required materials

Help new students to complete


Students should enter

China within the

registration period.

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